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  • 7/20/18 Step Increase Grievance
    Updated On: Jul 20, 2018

    7/20/2018 Update: the Union will confirming the material and what will be required by you at the August 2 General Meeting.

    7/9/2018 Update: The Union has scheduled a speacial meeting on August 16, 2018 to address the latest on this issue. The there are two opertunities to attend, 10:00am and 2:00pm.

    Nathan McCoy, Union Legal Council, will be in attendence both times to answer any questions.

    6/24/2018 Update: The union has scheduled the next meeting to discuss this issue on July 5. An update may follow this meeting.

    6/7/2018 Update: Due to the pending supervisory contract negotiations the details of this grievnace may be delayed. Both the Union and Council are still gathing names adn working on collecting details and facts pertaining to missed steps and/or lost wages.

    4/29/2018 Update: There has been a delay on finalizing the status of this action against the County for lost wages due to improper step, overtime, or working out of class. The Union has a meeting to discuss waht paperwork will be required and from whom. The Union may also have a better understanding of who will qualify for compensation. This action is on going and updates will be posted as they become available. 

    The Union is working out multiple solutions for those employees who have missed a step and continue to work a step behind. However, due to the intensity of the impasse process and the delicate nature of this contract negotiations the Union along with the guidance of legal council are working on creating the proper documentation and a coarse of action to better the chances to return all members to the appropriate pay. There is no defined time line or date of resolution however updates are being made available at the monthly meetings. (The first Thursday of each month starting at 10:00am). There has been new members added to this process and the Union is looking into other actions including law suits. Other pay issues have been investigated which includes working out of class, overtime, and hurricane pay.

    Thank you for your patience as the Union works out a favorable solution to this difficult pay issue.

    Updated April 9, 2018



    The Union has identified approximately 107 members who did not receive a step last month. It is the Union's opinion that ALL members should have stepped, no matter length of service, as we feel the years of service factor to receive a step does not exist in contract language anymore.

    The 107 who didn't step includes FF's, a couple non-solo FM's, dispatchers, newly promoted Lt's and  newly promoted  dispatch supervisors. We currently have a class action grievance going to Arbitration over steps that weren't paid out earlier this year. We will be adding the 107 of you who didn't step to that Arbitration as well. The union is working hard to get you guys the money you are owed. Please keep in mind there are many other things happening as well right now, and Arbitration is not a quick process, so please be patient. 

    We will keep you updated as we learn anything new. If you have any questions please contact your District Rep.

    Take care and be safe. 


    Posted 10/7/2017


    Good Afternoon,

    Just a quick update on the above referenced class action grievance....The Grievance was denied by Chief Schollmeyer last week. In short, management feels like the language is being interpreted correctly, and the members in question should not have stepped in October as the Union contends. Obviously, we see differently, and so we have moved this Grievance to Step 4 with the County HR Director. 

    Finance and Management have done a cost out on what the Union is requesting for back pay and implementation of new steps, and the total is approximately $70,000 for Retro Pay and $140,000 for the new steps going forward. 

    While making sure you guys and gals are paid appropriately, this isn't all about the benjamins- it's a matter of doing what we feel is right- both by the contract, and by the members. 

    The Step 4 hearing is currently scheduled for the afternoon of April 27th. More to follow....


    Poster on April 21, 2017


    Good Morning Everyone,

    I briefly wanted to update you on a current class action grievance we are working on in regards to pay. As most of you are aware, you now are supposed to receive a step increase in the first pay period of October, no matter your years of service. This is a change from the old way, where you would only receive a step after 1 full year of service in your current step.

    This current contract contained "catch-up" steps that were paid out every couple months (see article 13.01). Once these "catch-up" steps were completed, all members were supposed to receive a new step in October. We have identified approximately 200 members who should have received a new step and did not. 

    We have been working with Chief Schollmeyer and Finance to compile a list of these affected people. Once the list is officialy complied, we will share it with you so you know if you are affected. In short, if you didn't receive a step increase in October 2016, you are probably on the list. Those affected will receive retro pay from October 8, 2016 thru the pay period which the grievance is settled (hopefully by the end of the month) along with being placed in the next step.

    Thanks. Stay Safe.


    ?Poster on MArch 14, 2017

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